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Trophy Point Realty co-owners Wynn Martin and Pat Wilver are experienced residential buy-and-hold investors in their own right and have helped clients buy and sell everything from single family rentals to small apartment complexes. 


Trophy Point co-owner Wynn Martin has completed several of his own fix-and-flip renovations.  His first-hand experience and wide network of local contractors make him an asset to any investor.  Are you an out of town investor or a rookie flipper?  Wynn stands ready to be your trusted advisor.

Check out the video below for an in-depth and highly detailed walk-through of a flip we managed and sold at 100% of asking price for an out-of-state real estate investor!



A savvy investor needs to know more than whether an investment will cash flow, he or she must understand local economic trends, zoning, and planned development.  It's especially important to keep local lenders, attorneys, and contractors close.  We can help you with that.

Trophy Point Realty Group operates under the direction of Vestlet Realty, LLC, and broker Rich Blenz, 912-330-2998.

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Wynn: 912.220.9806  | Pat: 724.674.7652

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