(With a BONUS list of our favorite neighborhoods!)

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Savannah, Georgia.

The big city with small-town charm. Considered the “Hostess City of the South”, our revered town is flourishing with successful small businesses, elevated dining scenes, antebellum low-country living – the list goes on & on! We’ve racked up some impressive accolades from TIMES “World’s 100 Greatest Places of 2021” to Travel + Leisure’s Top 25 Best Distilleries In the U.S. to back our beloved city & we just keep outdoing ourselves! Whether it be getting away from the hustle & bustle of a fast-paced metropolis, or to seize the opportunity of affordable urban living, or even to find a glass of proper sweet tea – here’s why out-of-staters are arriving in herds to Savannah.

1. it's great for young professionals!

Stating the obvious first. The volume of the world-renowned art institute, SCAD, has echoed throughout the quaint streets of Savannah for the past few decades. The school’s rise in enrollment has offered us a youthful spin to counteract some of our traditional customs in the most harmonious way. With hopeful students & young professionals filling the downtown scene, there is always a vibrant environment that keeps our city exciting!

living in savannah georgia
living in savannah georgia

2. urban revival

There has been an influx of new, exciting redevelopment, including our revitalized Plant Riverside District. There are ever-growing incentives from the city & multiple nonprofit organizations to preserve & repurpose our historic buildings, so there’s only more immersive activities to come!

3. southern hospitality is alive & well

Savannah has been given the honorable distinction of being the “Hostess City of the South” & for good reason. We have stayed true to our manners & it has become the foundation of our culture. Smiling at strangers is common & it’s a great way to start connecting with people. You’ll find that you have more people in your corner than you think once you get out in the community!

relocating to savannah georgia
realtors savannah

4. historical roots

Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia, so it is packed full of easter eggs around town that delight our fascination & keep us in touch with our roots. In Savannah, each country square, cobblestone street, & towering oak tree hold their own character with an enriching story to learn. Keen on preserving as much history as we can, you will feel as if you stepped into a time capsule once you arrive.

5. convenience

To pair with the enchanting strolls, Savannah has a comprehensive grid system to make the area more navigable. Our town is reasonable in size & the entire midtown to downtown area is extremely walkable & pedestrian-friendly. With bike paths lining down almost every active street, you’ll likely find that it might be easier to walk or bike to your next destination than drive.

living in savannah ga

BONUS: tons of great, up-and-coming neighborhoods!

With development & hospitality always on the rise, there’s been more incentive to keep our neighborhoods safe & inviting.

One of those is the Starland District!

Starland/Thomas Square neighborhood was, years ago, fairly devoid of any charm or activity, but now is full of art murals, SCAD students, thriving businesses, & many of Savannah’s hottest restaurants & bars. It sits between Bull St., E Victory Dr., Price St., and E Anderson St. You can find our favorite tacos at Bull Street Taco, our favorite after-work hangout at Starland Yard (pictured), and loads of artsy stores & craft beer around that area.

living in savannah georgia
Living in savannah georgia

It’s full of artistic charm & gorgeous Victorian homes, all just a few short blocks from the downtown scene. Housing prices are great compared to downtown, & considering how much more value houses in this area provide (better parking, more house for money, quality of homes, etc.), we are one of many big fans of this neighborhood!

There’s another neighborhood we especially love, & that’s Eastside. Eastside is the next Starland District (with its own unique twists, of course), sitting between E Broad St., Wheaton St., Waters Ave., & E Anderson St. In the last five years, SCAD tenants have started moving to Eastside chasing cheaper rents. Rent & sale prices are about 35% lower than they are in the Starland district, yet all of Eastside is a 5-minute bike ride from pretty much any point in downtown Savannah, & just a few short blocks to the famous, beautiful Forsythe park. There are gorgeous, old late-Victorian homes, adorable cottages, & tree lined streets that all give this area innate residential character.

homes for sale eastside savannah
living in savannah georgia

Eastside also lies in a federal opportunity zone, & the city of Savannah has its own further incentives along Waters, which means the area is now bursting at the seams with development – both residential & commercial. There is a new, 60-unit senior-living apartment complex on Waters & Anderson called Romana Riley Lofts, & another senior-living community coming in the next few months near Cedar & Wheaton St, just on the north end of the Eastside district. Not only that, but Trophy Point Realty Group will soon be moving into an office space we purchased & are re-developing along the Waters corridor. This redevelopment will include space for a coffee shop/café tenant, & we’ve gained tons of interest in the space & support from the community even without any marketing.

living in savannah ga

ready to move?

Savannah has proven to be the hostess with the mostess – but come see for yourself! Writing pen to paper does not nearly do our town enough justice, & its inexplicable charm is meant to be experienced in person. If Savannah sounds like the right fit for you, give one of our trusted agents a call!


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