Trophy Point Realty Group was founded by two veterans on a mission to bring fairness, creativity, and indomitable spirit to every real estate transaction. 

Realtors and founding partners Wynn Martin and Pat Wilver cut their teeth as West Point cadets and combat arms officers, where they learned the value of teamwork, tenacity, boldness, and honor. They realized the importance of investing in real estate while still serving on active duty, and have a combined 20 years of experience in renovations, flips, property management, and multi-family investing.

Now Wynn and Pat want to put their values, experience, and network to work for you. Whether you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned investor, the team at Trophy Point Realty Group stands ready and able to serve you.



We're not just real estate agents, we live real estate and we invest our own money here in Savannah.  From fix-and-flip renovations to multi-family rental properties, Trophy Point Realty founders Wynn Martin and Pat Wilver have walked the walk.


Wynn and Pat also served in the Third Infantry Division at Fort Stewart.  From PCS moves to VA loans, they've been there and done that.

A Rising Tide: Economic Growth and the Port of Savannah


The perpetual bears among us have been forecasting an imminent recession and corresponding crash in the housing market since about 2015. Those bears have missed out on considerable asset appreciation since then, but eventually the bears have got to be right — right?


No, at least not in Savannah, and not for quite a while — and the biggest reason why Savannah’s real estate market is still in the third inning is those big, beautiful cranes that we see just upriver of the bridge.

Trophy Point Realty Group operates under the direction of Vestlet Realty, LLC, and broker Rich Blenz, 912-330-2998.


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